Neues Video Veröffentlicht!

New Video Released!

Thousands of unsuspecting facebook fans were blown away by the unexpected release of the Ragtime Bandits new video.

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Gigs, Gigs und nochmals Gigs

Gigs, Gigs, and more Gigs!

Just where exactly can you see these marvellous boys in action? Click to find out!


Dozens Blown Away by Raucous Energy and Raw Jazz!

The Ragtime Bandits are stealing hearts with their unique arrangements of beloved songs!

The classic Dixieland swing sounds of the roaring 20's, combined with the top hits of today are getting toes tapping around the country. Audience members just can't stop smiling at the antics of these six marvelous musicians.


Founded by Australian trombonist and arranger Cam Buma, The Ragtime Bandits have been tickling ear drums and funny bones since 2016. In his adopted home of Hamburg, Cam searched long and hard to find like-minded lovers of the old jazz traditions. At last his search came to an end with the discovery of Matthis, Lasse, David, Franz and Leon. The Ragtime Bandits were born. The instrumentation of the band mirrors

that of the great Dixieland bands of the era: Banjo, double bass, drums, and 3 horns (trombone, trumpet and saxophone). The Ragtime Bandits skillfully use this traditional lineup to bring a fresh and unique taste to well known modern melodies. The Hamburg band captures the best musical attributes of each era, and presents them together in an unforgettable and one of a kind experience.

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