Neues Video Veröffentlicht!

New Video Released!

Thousands of unsuspecting facebook fans were blown away by the unexpected release of the Ragtime Bandits new video.

Kontaktiert Uns!

Schickt uns ein Telegramm, damit wir wissen, dass ihr hier wart!

Gigs, Gigs und nochmals Gigs

Gigs, Gigs, and more Gigs!

Just where exactly can you see these marvellous boys in action? Click to find out!


Dozens Blown Away by Raucous Energy and Raw Jazz!

Jung, Verrückt, und voller Energie!

A bounty has been placed on the heads of the band of musicians “The Ragtime Bandits”, who have been accused of stealing hearts with their incredible covers of beloved pop songs. Local police put out a statement this morning, saying “the combination of classic swing sounds of the 20’s with the hits of today are guaranteed to get your toes tapping and your hands clapping”.

The band has been active in the area since mid-2016, and was founded by vagabond and general scamp Cam Buma in the tradition of his homeland,

Australia, where Ragtime is administered somewhat differently than in New Orleans. In Australia, it is customary that jazz musicians come from many different styles of music and must be 'retrained' for jazz, because until recently there simply were no jazz musicians. This gives the music a unique variety of different influences.


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