From Laughter To Tears in Under 30 Seconds!

The Ragtime Bandits partnered with friend of the band Lilja to make this one of a kind, award winning parody medley. Starring Rebekka Reinholz and Jonas Harder

Wolfgangs Wolf Gang

Das Meisterwerk der Meisterwerke

If Mozart had lived 150 years later, this might be what his compositions would have sounded like.
Arranged by Cameron Buma

Britney Spears - "Toxic"

Now that’s a spicy cover!

What a wild ride! We’re sure Britney would be proud of the way Matthis Rasche did her justice.

Ragtime Bandits - "Promo"

See the video that started it all!

Recorded at the first ever rehearsal of the Ragtime Bandits, this video quickly became an internationally recognised symbol of humble beginnings. The band often looks back on this video from their silver tower of success with fondness.
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