For years the Ragtime Bandits have eluded capture, mostly operating in secret, playing for crowds of up to 12 people. They've managed (by no fault of their own) to stay out of the limelight for this long, but with the release of their first official

music video, the public is fully aware just what kind of musicians these boys really are. If you see these wanted individuals, be sure to send this publication a telegram telling us just exactly what you thought of them.

Cameron Buma - Posaune

Cam Buma - Trombone

Cam Buma was an alligator hunter and Didgeridoo player in Australia, until he quit his job and decided to take up Trombone and move to Germany. He spends his free time traveling to different cities and telling people that “That’s not a knife”.

Lasse Grunewald - Sax

Lasse Grunewald studied music in America, because he wanted to be as close as possible to the source of his passion – country music. His dream is to fully integrate country music into his jazz game and develop a new genre called Cowboy Bebop.

Matthis Rasche - Trumpet

Matthis Rasche is a trumpet player from the Free-Jazz-City of Flensburg, most well-known for his portrayal of the character Mary Poppins in the hit musical “Aladdin”.

David Grabowski - Banjo

For many years, David was a diehard Flamenco Guitarist, but after growing tired of dancers constantly dropping their castanets, he decided to try something new and turned to Dixieland, where he has since lived happily.

Franz Blumenthal - Bass

Franz had only been playing double bass for 2 months prior to joining the band. Before that, he plied his trade on the E-bass, playing for multiple Motown-Bands and wearing his signature flared jeans and giant afro wig.

Leon Saleh - Drums

Leon Saleh is actually a heavy metal drummer, and stumbled upon a strange taste for jazz one evening while he was searching for new horizons to conquer.

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